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Affinity Water significantly reduces water wastage with ASL

“ASL brought expertise and know-how to our partnership which helped accelerate the project with Affinity Water so that the benefits could be realised quicker.”
Dan Waldron, Marketing Director of HWM
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Affinity Water is Britain’s largest water-only utility providing on average 900 million litres of water each day to over 3.6 million people in south-east England. Affinity Water is dedicated to delivering a high-quality water service to all its customers.

Water wastage is a massive cost to Affinity Water it takes time to maintain and causes environmental impact as well as being a probable cause of customer dissatisfaction. Affinity Water set itself a target to improve its network by achieving the largest percentage leakage reduction over the current five-year planning period. Affinity Water wanted to challenge industry practices and methodologies to change the economics of finding leaks. They decided to deploy HWM data logging technology coupled with ASL’s connectivity expertise to reach this objective.

The Solution

The device of choice for Affinity was HWM’s PermaNET+.  PermaNET+ is a new development in noise logging that listens for leaks within the water network. Data generated is automatically sent to the user through the help of ASL’s connectivity. In doing so, it removes the task of visiting sites to carry out data collection. Data transmission was achieved through a combination of GPRS cellular communication or SMS which ASL provided to HWM to achieve Affinity Water’s objective.  The Affinity water PermaNET+ project was the world’s largest ever deployment of noise logging equipment, with 20,000 units installed.


In part due to the deployment of PermaNET+, Affinity Water reported upon completion of the programme the most significant reduction in network leakage of all the water authorities in the UK.

The project saved maintenance costs, minimised network disruption and boosted environmental credentials for Affinity Water.

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