IoT is hard. We make it simple

For over 15 years, ASL has been working alongside a diverse portfolio of multinational businesses, in order to help them achieve their business goals. We do this by offering a unique combination of hardware, eVe platform, airtime and consultancy services and solutions, all of which are designed to quickly, innovatively and effectively ensure your business always remains connected.


ASL having been working in hardware since the IoT industry inception. Ours is specifically designed with your security in mind.

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The eVe platform sits at heart of all ASL technology. Available as IaaS for developers looking for as a way to enhance their products or as a platform as a service for customers. Needing to achieve business outcomes utilising IoT.

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We specialise in delivering reliable, resilient and cost-effective global coverage and connectivity. Our flexible multi-carrier international coverage delivers seamless API integration, making connections to more than 1 million subscribers every day.

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Satellite Broadband

Satellite broadband can deliver data services to any location that has line of sight between the terminal and satellite. Furthermore, modern satellites have optimised coverage footprints which improves service performance and resource utilisation. We offer a full turnkey delivery which includes all hardware, software, installation and commissioning.

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Business Broadband

Business Broadband is an always on service and can deliver high speed data access at low cost. Its choice over other methods mainly centres around the ubiquity of copper fixed lines in the built environment, making it an ideal data connectivity choice for commercial, residential or even more remote locations with fixed line reach. Furthermore, reliable access and flat-rate pricing makes our business broadband service an attractive and economic connectivity option. We can provide all of the required equipment. Our professional services include installation and commissioning, a proactive UK technical support team to assist you with your project and technical consultants that can support you to resolve any design issues.

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